Bienvenue à la grange des Tzam'Artisans

Henri Turrian

Téléphone 026/924 73 40

Copper craft items

  • I was a tinsmith and I sometimes made spires, gargoyles and weathercocks. One day my kitchen’s clock crashed onto the floor and this made me think about making a new clock and using the old clock mechanism. My first clock was born and, with time, my passion evolved towards other fields. Since I am retired I am able to spend much of my time in the boutique to take orders and restock the Tzam’Artisans’ shop.
    When working with copper, I draw the models on paper and make patterns to reproduce on copper. The most important part of the work is to cut parts with special shears, followed by precise filing and drawing the contours on the piece of metal with a small hammer, small chisel and several customized mandrels. Then the copper needs to be precisely shaped with a round hammer on a chunk of lead. When all parts are ready I mount them on pieces of wood that are collected around here… and this wood collecting is good for my health!
    For more information, you are welcome to call me and see me at work or just to talk and spend some good time together.