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Doris Henchoz
Tel : 026/924 68 61
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  • I am of Argovian origin and I have been living in the Pays-d’Enhaut for over 40 years. I planted my roots in l’Etivaz where I currently live with my husband. Our three children and our two granddaughters come and visit us very often.
    Since childhood, I have been attracted by drawing, sawing and glass engraving. My discovery of the decoupage of the Pays-d’Enhaut inspired me to try this art. The works of Johann-Jakob Hauswirth, Louis Saugy and Monique Boillat fascinated me. In 1984 I made my first decoupage and I had my first exhibition in La Lécherette in 1986. Through the encouragement of many friends I founded the Tzam’Artisans association bringing together several artisans of the l’Etivaz village. I had a workshop in Les Bossons from 2009 to 2012, but I now prefer to work from home where I just need scissors, a cutter (my preferred tool) and some paper. Decoupage is an art that is always renewed, where you combine the simplicity of materials and the pleasure of creation and drawing. All the rest comes from your heart!
    I participate in many markets (Christmas markets, desalpe of l’Etivaz) as well as exhibitions in Switzerland with the Swiss Association of the Friends of Paper Decoupage that has over 500 members. In 2010, I had the pleasure to exhibit my decoupages in China, under the invitation of M. Hang Jing, President of the Decoupage of Xi’an.
    The art of decoupage is something unique as it is brings together your creative imagination when you put together the subject of your work, the drawing technique and the extreme precision of the paper cutting with scissors or a cutter. Decoupage is something I am addicted to. Once, when travelling I even created a decoupage while on a train! And in 2003, travelling to Point Hope (Alaska), I made some decoupage in an Inuit community. I left it there to thank them for welcoming me and as far as I know my decoupage is still exhibited there!