Bienvenue à la grange des Tzam'Artisans

Monique Breton

Téléphone 026/924 79 77


  • I was born here, in the Pays-d’Enhaut, married with two daughters… and all that makes me always feel young! I have always been passionate about manual activities and craft such as knitting, crocheting, and making lace and now these things don’t have any more secrets for me. Like with many other things, what I make varies in accordance with my mood or the period of the day or the year.
    Over the last three years, I developed another passion: American and European Scrapbooking. This leisure activity consists of a creative way of integrating photos in a certain background in order to illustrate a given theme. This is a new way of presenting pictures that is more esthetic than a simple photo album.

    Knitting is another passion! It is often done manually with two larges knitting needles whose diameter is selected in accordance with the diameter of the yarn used and the desired size of the meshes. Knitting can be performed in a circle in order to obtain a tube. For that, one needs to use a set of four or five needles, or a circular needle made of two tips connected by a plastic wire. This technique was traditionally used to make socks.