Bienvenue à la grange des Tzam'Artisans

Brigitte Henchoz (-Pilet)
Tel: 021 728 42 69


  • The Pilets? They have been in Rossinière for centuries! And, on top of that I married a “pétolet,” in other words a “local guy.” I met him at the hair salon where I worked: he offered me his head to style so he could ask for my hand in marriage! My ties with the region are very important and what makes me feel so close to the valley is the taste for craft, the well-anchored traditions and all the authenticity I find here.

    I fell in the Tzam’Artisans’ cauldron in 1999 when there was only the small shop in l’Etivaz and I was bombarded into becoming President upon joining the group! From there we transferred our shop in Château-d’Oex and we are now settled in the center of the village.

    Oh, by the way, let’s talk about fabrics! I look around so as to find the texture or motive that I like. Then I make my lamp shades, select my frames and even make lamp bases out of large tree roots. I just need the right fabric, some ribbons that I buy here and there, a few nails, and a bit of glue and scissors. I think that sometime I will start working on old lace to bring it back to life, because it is a part of our traditions. I am always motivated by the pleasure of creating things: making a new piece of work is an exhilarating adventure.

    The Tzam’Artisans organize their famous Christmas Market periodically and there are just fantastic moments of art and friendship even if, sometimes, funny things happen to us. For example, in 2011 at the Christmas Market in Rossinière, some exhibitors and customers were stuck in a chalet where we had an exhibit because the lock of the door had just died. It was very late in the evening and we had to convert ourselves into locksmiths and dismantle the broken lock to free up the “hostages”… and eventually block the doors of the chalet with a car in order to avoid unwanted visits for the rest of the night! As you can see, crafting leads you to all kind of things!