Bienvenue à la grange des Tzam'Artisans

Isabelle Richoz
078 662 83 19


  • In Geneva were I was born, I discovered painting on porcelain and I took courses for a number of years. Through  this so delicate and detailled technique I acquired the taste for details. This is something that I have kept intact.

    In 2004, my husband and I settled in the Col des Mosses and in this magnificent spot, a new source of inspiration jumped to my eyes. Cows that frolic around the chalet quickly became for me the « Divas of the Alpages » that served me as models.

    Painting on porcelain is now replaced by acrylic painting which corresponds perfectly to my expectations regarding colors, textures and numerous possibilities of work.

    I often go for a walk with my camera so as to immortalize these models in full size, at the Col des Mosses or elsewhere, so I can paint them back home.

    I am sponsoring also some goats in the Grisons and, for some summers now, this allowed me to add portraits of malicious « biquettes » to those of the « Divas des Alpages ».