Bienvenue à la grange des Tzam'Artisans

Malou and Paul Jochberg 

032 730 14 31

Toys and wooden déco items

  • For many years we have been eager to use our hands to create and make objects. In order to make these ideas come through, we have tried all kinds of materials (wood, cardboard, paper, fabrics, etc.) until the day we decided to make an animal on casters from a wooden board. Since then, wood never left us…


    Twenty years later, to approximatively twenty different models of animals on casters, we have added other toys, baby hangers, tops, mushroms, decorative objects, candlesticks turned in natural wood or painted as trompe-l’œil imitating marble or granite, etc.


    So passionate by wood, in whichever form it is, i.e. turned, cut, sculpted, painted, dyed or in its natural state, we always find a way to transform a branch, a board, or any other piece of wood into a toy or a decorative object. And, on top of that, if we succeed in making kids (or adults) eyes to shine… we win the bet !